Russ Garrett

Desiring to play a part in his own children’s training, Russ signed on to teach K-4th grade at MBC. The result was an ignited passion to invest in other children’s lives…leading to a compelling sharing of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The joy of seeing our children come to receive Jesus at an early age is very special and fulfilling.

Russ shares that “I guess my passion for that goes back to my own upbringing. I attended church, but never recall hearing that I needed a personal relationship with Jesus to be rescued from my own sin. Whether the message wasn’t there, or I just was not hearing it, I can’t say for sure. I would suspect it was probably a little of both. I just wanted to see these kids have the opportunity to come to Jesus early in their lives and maybe avoid some of the consequences of poor choices similar to the ones I made. That, in addition to the unbearable thought that even one of those kids would spend eternity in hell, was just too much for me. I felt compelled to do whatever I could to stand in the gap for these kids and introduce them to Jesus – a compelling I carry with me even today. I want kids to know that there is no sweeter relationship they will ever experience in life than a relationship with Savior. This God who created them, deeply loves them and wants to spend eternity with them in his wonderful heaven.

Russ has been married to Virginia for twenty years and they have two daughters…Ariana and Elizabeth. He also presently works full time as the Program Director for KCMI. His background includes a stint in the airline business (he has a pilot’s license) and the family served on national staff with Child Evangelism Fellowship.